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Lead Business Agility Assessor


  • 1- Learning business agility concept.
  • 2- Exploring business agility pillars :
    • A. Understanding Probable Future.
    • B. Dynamic Capabilities
    • C. Agile Culture
  • 3- Grasping how strategic business agility framework works across the 3 pillars.
  • 4- Grasping how operational business agility framework works
  • 5- Exploring best practices that enhance 6 business agility perspectives:
    • A. Agile Leadership
    • B. Agile Technological Infrastructure
    • C. Agile Finance
    • D. Agile Processes
    • E. Agile Supply Chain
    • F. Agile Service
  • 6- Understanding business agility assessment tool and scoring methodology
  • 7- Assessing as a group comprehensive case study (1)
  • 8- Assessing as individual comprehensive case study (2)
  • 9- Each individual work will be evaluated by 2 markers (tutor & external expert) (30%)
  • 10- Booking for the certified lead business agility exam (the exam should be conducted within 3 months at max from the training finish date). The exam will be conducted uesing TIBAI's online assessment platform (70%)
  • 11- ≥ 80% participant will be awarded with lead business agility assessor certificate, otherwise, the participant should repeat either the exam once within 3 months at max, or the training up to the individual case study assessment only, or both; it depends on the score analysis. Notably, the participant has only second chance to repeat, if he/she scores again less than 80%, the entire training process should be taken entirely


Participants who have ≥ 5 years of experience are eligible to enroll in this professional training course. Official experience certificate should be submitted for evaluation as a requirement in the course registration application.


Successful Participants can :

A- Assist organizations to use the business agility model and frameworks.

B- Internally & externally assess organizations business agility level across all business agility components (Pillars, Frameworks, & all 6 perspectives).

C- Annually, TIBAI will select the top 3 scoring participants to be officially recognized, their names posted on TIBAI website, and globally recommended to organizations for conducting initial online assessment (Verification Processes - step 1)

D- Be listed, scanned and nominated for conducting lead business agility assessor professional training course with TIBAI.

  • 35 hours / 5 working days