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The Business Agility Model will help organizations to:

  • 1. Analyze and characterize rate of industry change to identify the needed level of agility.
  • 2. Assess current level of agility against the 6 business agility perspectives (Agile Leadership, Agile Finance, Agile Technological Infrastructure, Agile Operations, Agile Supply Chain, Agile Service Delivery System).
  • 3. Identify strategic agility gaps across corporate level & business level strategies, dynamic capabilities, and agile culture.
  • 4. Identify operational agility gaps across the 6 business agility angles (Focused Innovation, Financial Impact, non-financial impact, Agile Asset, Agile Human Resources, Stakeholders’ Perception Management).
  • 5. Reaching a distention that is yet to be defined through grasping and correlating future dynamics to unlock opportunities to disrupt industries and proactively deal with disrupting waves.
  • 6. Establishing open Ecosystem that encourages fluidity, connectivity, leverage and mobility in stable, consistent, and well-governed way.
  • 7. Driving out intangible blockages and snags such as bureaucracy, steepness, and deficiencies.
  • 8. Constructing organizational and individuals’ capabilities that are dynamic enough for manipulation and reformation.
  • 9. Continuously reinforce organizational and individual flexibility & speed.