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We help organizations move from being disrupted to adapt, lead and disrupt

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Moving from Fragility to Agility

The modern business world is now changing at a faster and faster rate, both within the private and public sectors. In the past, global changes or trends disrupted markets, and consequently governments, with a considerable number of large, medium and small organizations going out of business. Nonetheless, a number of organizations had sufficient agility to adapt to the tough and critical situations that they faced and overcame the challenge to seize new opportunities.


Business Agility Model

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Operational Agility Framework

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Levels of Business Agility

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above 50%

We provide the solutions to make your business dynamic to move from being disrupted to disrupt

The business agility chain translates more practically, how business agility could be addressed at the strategic level, whilst the relationships between business agility challenges, drivers, pillars, perspectives and dimensions are illustrated. Also, the chain consists of arrows in order to show a mechanism of how business agility pillars (understanding probable future, agile capabilities and agile culture) at strategic level can interact.

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TIBAI follows good governance practices over all its services and activities, whereas it provides license to other organizations to handle assessment & examination, as well as to other consultancy firms to handle implementation & consultations after conducting annual audit, in order to ensure that those firms have the needed capabilities of agility, succeeded in agility projects and enhanced agility measures for the clients. Any non-conformity would cause immediate withdraw of the license.

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