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Certification Process


Certification Process Steps

  • 1

    Annual online Self-Assessment on TIBAI’s Online Assessment Platform

    Begin online agility self-assessment
  • 2

    Identifying strategic & operational agility gaps & areas for improvement. (TIBAI - Optional)

  • 3

    Figuring out strategic & operational agility improvement action plan across all 6 perspectives. (TIBAI– Optional).

  • 4

    Implementing the strategic & operational improvement action plan to enhance and bridge all agility gaps. (TIBAI – Optional)

  • 5

    Conducting Annual External Assessment by a licensed international certification body.

  • 6

    According to the annual successful external assessment results, clients will be awarded with: A- Compliance or verification Certificate against The International Business Agility Model-2020 (The Agility Level will be mentioned as per TIBAI assessment criteria)

  • 7

    If the external assessment reported a score of less or equal to 50%, minimum 6 months should pass before repeating the external assessment.