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Certification Process


Certification Process Steps

  • 1

    Annual online Self-Assessment on TIBAI’s Online Assessment Platform

    Begin online agility self-assessment
  • 2

    Identifying strategic & operational agility gaps & areas for improvement. (Mega Agility - Optional)

  • 3

    Figuring out strategic & operational agility improvement action plan across all 6 perspectives. (Mega Agility – Optional).

  • 4

    Implementing the strategic & operational improvement action plan to enhance and bridge all agility gaps. (Mega Agility – Optional)

  • 5

    Conducting Annual External Assessment by a licensed international certification body.

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  • 6

    According to the annual successful external assessment results, clients will be awarded with: A- Compliance or verification Certificate against The International Business Agility Model-2020 (The Agility Level will be mentioned as per TIBAI assessment criteria)

  • 7

    If the external assessment reported a score of less or equal to 50%, minimum 6 months should pass before repeating the external assessment.

* Mega Agility is the solo accredited consulting partner (ACP), which was being trained, qualified and licensed by the International Business Agility Institute (TIBAI) for implementation and assessment against the International Business Agility Model.

* Mega Agility as a licensed (ACP) has access to TIBAI assessment tool, which is made to help ACP’s consultants and assessors to assist clients in implementing the international business agility model criteria and to properly prepare clients and ensure their successful readiness for the external assessment by conducting implementation maturity pre-certification assessment.